Flagship Projects

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of LNG Import Terminal Project
  • Environmental Monitoring of Industries in UAE
  • More than 80 Environmental Impact Studies
  • Environmental Audit of Over 70 Industries in Hub, Balochistan
  • EIA of Pakistan's tallest 70 story building Bahria Icon Tower
  • IEE of 1st Pakistan's Ground Control Station of Satellite in Karachi by SUPARCO
  • EIA of 231.8MW Barge/Ship Mounted Rental Power Plant in Arabian Sea, near Karachi
  • 5-year environmental monitoring project of National Highway Improvement Program
  • EIA of Refinery Expansion Project, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Pollution Survey for Waste Dumping Site Survey of Islamabad & Karachi (JICA)
  • EIA of Nestle Bottle Water plan Extension, Port Qasim, Karachi
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Environmental Impact Assessments

For over a decade GEMS have conducted environmental impact assessments (EIA) in an expanding range of sectors including the energy (oil and gas industry, power plants etc), manufacturing industries (e.g. pharmaceutical, mineral fertilizers, textile, paper, food processing etc.), infrastructure (roads, highway's buildings etc.), ports and harbors', tourism, aquaculture and fisheries.

In most of our working sectors, the majority of industrial development takes place in areas where environmental and s o c i o - e c o n omi c sensitivities are high because of the abundance of natural resources, easy access and dependence of the local communities.

The EIA process requires a review of national and international legislation, an in-depth understanding of the proposed development, environmental baseline studies, impact assessment and the development of an environmental management plan (EMP) to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive effects. An EIA is required at an early stage in the project cycle to obtain the environmental permit from authorities that allows the development to proceed. However, more and more GEMS is providing input to the conceptual and detailed design phases of the project cycle. This allows potential environmental issues to be identified early, which enables issues to design out rather than being mitigated at a later stage. For less complex projects wherever applicable we produce an initial environmental examination (IEE) sufficient to obtain the necessary permission on behalf of the client as per the legal requirements.

Main Areas of Expertise
  • •   Coastal, Urban and Residential
  • •   Airports and Roads
  • •   Heavy and Light Industries
  • •   Ports and Harbors
  • •   Oil and Gas - E * P
  • •   Tourism Developments
  • •   Energy Sector Project's