Flagship Projects

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of LNG Import Terminal Project
  • Environmental Monitoring of Industries in UAE
  • More than 80 Environmental Impact Studies
  • Environmental Audit of Over 70 Industries in Hub, Balochistan
  • EIA of Pakistan's tallest 70 story building Bahria Icon Tower
  • IEE of 1st Pakistan's Ground Control Station of Satellite in Karachi by SUPARCO
  • EIA of 231.8MW Barge/Ship Mounted Rental Power Plant in Arabian Sea, near Karachi
  • 5-year environmental monitoring project of National Highway Improvement Program
  • EIA of Refinery Expansion Project, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Pollution Survey for Waste Dumping Site Survey of Islamabad & Karachi (JICA)
  • EIA of Nestle Bottle Water plan Extension, Port Qasim, Karachi
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Environmental Monitoring, Observation and Auditing

Environmental monitoring during the construction or implementation phase of a project is a common legal requirement. For ecologically sensitive areas, monitoring according to an environmental management plan (EMP) may be necessary throughout the project cycle, especially if the effects of a development on the surrounding environment are significant or uncertain.

Our services for environmental monitoring includes data collection, analysis and interpretation, and often covers a diversity of assets including air quality, noise, groundwater quality, fresh and seawater quality, biological diversity and habitat health. These are compared with national and international standards, or put into a national or regional context by comparing them with data collected from elsewhere in the region.

In order to do this effectively it is necessary to understand the natural daily, seasonal and yearly changes in background levels of all measured parameters in order to explain the cause of any changes and attribute them either to natural fluctuations or to disturbance from the development. To facilitate this we are able to access long-term databases of limnology (freshwater ecology) and oceanographic (water temperature, currents, etc.) and meteorological data (wind, temperature, precipitation etc.) from the region.

The strength of environmental monitoring is the early detection of environmental damage, which can then be mitigated by effective management of its cause before significant environmental damage is caused. We have particular experience with long-term monitoring of project and as a result we have an extensive library of information as well as a strong working relationship with the relevant industries and government institutions.

Complementing our monitoring and observing skills is the experience that we have gained in conducting environmental audits to ensure compliance with permit conditions and national legislation.

Main Areas of Expertise
  • •   Coastal and Inland Development Impact Monitoring
  • •   Freshwater and Marine Fauna Observing
  • •   Oil and Gas E&P Monitoring
  • •   Port Monitoring
  • •   EIA Auditing
  • •   Industrial Auditing
  • •   Policy and Legislation Review