Flagship Projects

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of LNG Import Terminal Project
  • Environmental Monitoring of Industries in UAE
  • More than 80 Environmental Impact Studies
  • Environmental Audit of Over 70 Industries in Hub, Balochistan
  • EIA of Pakistan's tallest 70 story building Bahria Icon Tower
  • IEE of 1st Pakistan's Ground Control Station of Satellite in Karachi by SUPARCO
  • EIA of 231.8MW Barge/Ship Mounted Rental Power Plant in Arabian Sea, near Karachi
  • 5-year environmental monitoring project of National Highway Improvement Program
  • EIA of Refinery Expansion Project, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Pollution Survey for Waste Dumping Site Survey of Islamabad & Karachi (JICA)
  • EIA of Nestle Bottle Water plan Extension, Port Qasim, Karachi
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Natural Resource Management

The sustainable use and conservation of natural resources requires effective planning, resource assessment and management. This is often the responsibility of governments and state research organizations. We work with government departments, universities and international organizations on projects that aim to manage resources sustainably for the benefit of present and future generations.

Establishment of Protected Areas (PAs) is one tool that governments use to manage important or sensitive natural resources. We specialize in assessments and management planning for PAs as well as development of alternative income generating schemes in collaboration with local communities.

Rational use of a natural resource requires that an assessment be made of its status and its capacity for exploitation. To date we have undertaken, often in collaboration with Ministerial and other staff, studies and resource assessments at the national level that have lead to the development of government policy and implementation of action plans. With our expertise in impact assessment we also specialize in conducting resource assessments following extreme natural events and human disturbances such as cyclones, earthquake, severe storms & floods, oil spills etc.

Emerging areas of natural resource use, such as bio-prospecting, eco-tourism and aquaculture, require the formulation of new government policy, zoning plans and guidelines for best practices.

These are the areas where we can provide guidance and expertise.

Main Projects
  • •   Baseline Study of Indus Dolphin in Game Reserve & from Guddu Barrage to Kotri Barrage
  • •   Ecological Studies of selected protected areas in Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwah
  • •   Ecological and Archeological Survey in Hingol National Park
  • •   Minerals Resource Survey of Saindak Mines
  • •   Baseline Survey of Khirther Range